This case study shows the power of Mtrack’s exceptional battery life, movement alarm and secrecy.

Our control room received a call from the client to say that one of their vehicles, a Caterpillar TLB, had been missing for 4 days!

The unit was activated and started reporting near White River when the vehicle should have been in Roodepoort!

Our agents in Nelspruit were dispatched. Due to the difficult terrain they were unable to locate the vehicle, and they were forced to stand down. The control room activated the movement alarm.

2 days later the movement alarm was activated and the recovery team was re-dispatched. Again the agents reported that they were having difficulty as part of the search area was in the Kruger National Park. They could see nothing along the border of the Park and they again stood down.

The following day the movement alarm was activated again. The agents were redeployed. The agents reported that they had recovered the vehicle and made an arrest. The agents then proceeded to drive the vehicle to Kabokweni camp thirteen– at 20km/h as this is the speed of the vehicle!


R 425,000