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What is OBDII?

It stands for On-Board Diagnostics. OBDII systems are in most cars and light trucks on the road today. During the ’70s and early 1980’s manufacturers started using electronic means to control engine functions and diagnose engine problems. This was primarily to meet EPA emission standards. Through the years on-board diagnostic systems have become more sophisticated. OBDII, a new standard introduced in the mid-’90s, provides almost complete engine control and also monitors parts of the chassis, body and accessory devices, as well as the diagnostic control network of the car.


How would I know if my vehicle is OBDII compliant?

OBDII is a standard that was created by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) in the early 1990s. Most vehicles post 1996 are OBDII compliant, however, some vehicles do not follow this standard. Therefore MtrackScout cannot guarantee the OBDII performance of the MtrackScout with every vehicle. For more information about MtrackScout OBDII compliance, please refer to “MtrackScout OBDII Compliancy Guide” document.


Does MtrackScout require a SIM card to work?

Yes, it requires a GPRS activated SIM card. The client is responsible to get a SIM card from any GSM service provider. This can be a contract or a pay-as-you-go SIM card. We suggest you activate or load a minimum of 5MB (five megabyte) GPRS data bundle onto the SIM card. Please note that the security PIN on the SIM card used be disabled before inserting it into the MtrackScout.


Does my SIM card need to be activated for voice?

No, MtrackScout only needs GPRS to be activated on the SIM card to work. If you are using a contract SIM card we recommend that voice not be activated on the SIM card used in MtrackScout for security reasons. Should the device be lost or stolen with the SIM card in it, the thief will not be able to make any voice calls and you will not get any nasty surprises on your account.


Why is my MtrackScout unit not updating anymore?

This could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. There is no SIM card installed into the MtrackScout unit. Please refer to “Does MtrackScout require a SIM card to work?” question in the section
  2. The security PIN on the SIM card used is not disabled. Please ensure that the PIN is disabled on the SIM card by placing it onto a phone and disabling the security feature.
  3. The pay-as-you go SIM card has run out of air time and the unit cannot connect to the network. Please check that the SIM card has sufficient airtime or data bundles active.
  4. The contract SIM card has been suspended due to account issues with your service provide. Please contact the SIM card service provider to reactivate the account.
  5. There is a problem with the MtrackScout unit’s connection into the OBDII port of the vehicle. Please remove the MtrackScout unit and reinstall it to confirm the connection is secure.
  6. If none of the above seem to be causing your problem, please contact Technical Support via


Does MtrackScout report live?

Yes it does. MtrackScout is configured to update positions and vehicle data every 60 seconds while the ignition is ON and every 60 minutes while the ignition is OFF.

Why can I not login to the MtrackScout web system?

Please check that you are accessing the correct URL ( and using the correct user name and password as supplied to you by MtrackScout. If you are still unable to login please contact Technical Support via



Why am I seeing flashing lights on the MtrackScout unit while I am driving?

MtrackScout has three LED lights that indicate the unit’s operational status while active. Please refer to the MtrackScout User Manual for a description of each LED and what each one indicates. Due to the location of the OBD Port in the dashboard of some vehicles, these LED lights might be visible after the unit has been installed. For security reasons we suggest that the LED light be covered / concealed by sticking a piece of black tape over them.


How do the monthly subscription payments work?

MtrackScout requires a subscription fee to be paid monthly for as long as you wish to make use of the web based application to monitor your vehicle. For your convenience a Debit Order option is offered with your initial purchase of the MtrackScout hardware. Should you decide not to make use of the debit order option, you can do an online purchase, or deposit payments into our bank account before the 7th of each month. Please view our Banking Details or contact us via email at or phone on 011 616 5055.


Can I change the battery myself on the wireless MtrackVII?

The battery used in our wireless Mtrack unit is very specific in regards to its specifications. As a result not just any battery can be used in our units. To ensure that your unit is fully functional and your assets protected at all times, it is important that only Mtrack’s battery is used. Please contact our technical department should you wish to arrange for a battery change on your device:


Why are my reports not being emailed to me anymore?

This could happen if your email address has changed. When you registered with MtrackScout you supplied an email address as part of the registration process. This is the email address used by the MtrackScout system to send your reports to. If this email address has changed please contact Technical Support via


How do I view / track my assets?

All our products and solutions (MtrackVII, MtrackFleet, or MtrackScout) are integrated into web based systems. This means all you need is a computer with internet access and user credentials supplied to you by our technical department when you bought your Mtrack device. There is no need to install legacy software on your computer. Please click on the Mtrack Login or MtrackFleet Login links located at the top of this web site. Please contact our technical support department for more details:


Which Mtrack unit is best for asset recovery purposes?

Our MtrackVII device is best suited for asset recovery. Our proven track record of a 17 year rolling average recovery rate of 95% speaks for itself.


Do you have a smaller wireless tracking device?

MtrackVII combines three technologies (GSM, GPS and RF) into one agile and practical unit. MtrackVII is the smallest wireless asset tracking and recovery device currently on the market with the battery performance it offers (12 months on a standard configuration). With all other products that claim to be wireless the devices might be smaller, but battery life is measured in hours and not months as is the case with the MtrackVII. We also pride ourselves in being solution providers and as such we can customise our products and devices to fit almost any application. Please contact us for more information:


How long does the battery last on the wireless MtrackVII device?

If the unit is configured for a standard 60 minute sleep cycle, reporting at least one health check a day the MtrackVII’ s battery will last 12 months. The sleep cycle configuration is directly linked to the battery life of the unit, so if a unit is configured for a 120 minute sleep cycle the battery will last 24 months. MtrackVII has patented battery management technology which allows it to achieve these world first and only battery life figures.


Is there an MtrackVII unit with a rechargeable battery?

Yes, we do offer the MtrackVII with a 7800mAh rechargeable battery option. The unit can operate wirelessly if not connected to an external power source or it will trickle charge the battery if connected to an external power source (5V ~ 32V). Please contact us for more detailed information on the power options available:


Does Mtrack offer onsite installation and maintenance services?

Yes, we have mobile technical teams that are geared to install and service all Mtrack products on site. Please contact our technical support department should you wish to schedule and on-site installation or maintenance:


How long does an installation take?

Depending on the product and accessories purchased, an installation can take anything from 30min for MtrackVII devices or up to 4hours for MtrackFleet with accessories. MtrackScout is a plug & play device and as such installation takes seconds, you can install it yourself. With our other products that do require a technician to install, once a product has been ordered and prepared, a technical representative will contact you to arrange and schedule the installation. At this point we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate as to the time required per installation.


Can I access the tracking system from my mobile phone / device?

Yes you can access the site from any Android or Apple mobile device by entering the URL addresses listed below in the internet browser application:


Do I have to purchase software with the Mtrack devices?

No, our tracking systems are web based which means that you can access them from any computer or device as long as you have a web browser and internet connection. The other benefit is that there are no annual software license or update fees.


Who does recoveries in the event of an emergency?

We have partnered with ITA Group who specialise in stolen vehicle and asset recovery. They have dedicated recovery teams nationwide and have been doing our recoveries for the past ten years. They are also responsible for our afterhours emergency control room service. In case of an emergency you can contact our control room on 0860-Mtrack or 0860687225


Do I pay for the recovery service?

In the event of an emergency recovery the first two hours of the recovery is included with your monthly subscription fees. Should the recovery take longer than two hours, an hourly rate will be charged at R740 per hour thereafter? Please note that our average recovery time is 45 minutes.


Do I get a rebate or discount from my insurance if Mtrack is installed?

You would need to contact your insurance company and find out from them if you would get a rebate or discount on your insurance premium. Each insurance company has their own policies regarding this. Please contact us for more information or to get a list of insurance companies that Mtrack is listed with:


How will I know the battery’s status on my wireless unit?

Mtrack proactively monitors the units on a daily basis to make sure that your unit is working and the battery’s status. When we find that the battery is low (about 15% use left) or that the unit is not reporting for some reason a unit state report will be sent via email to inform you of the unit’s status.