We are very excited about the official launch of our new user interface (UI) for the MtrackFleet platform. This new UI has been in development for the past two years. Many features have been improved on, and many new features have been added. The main update to the new UI has been in making it truly cross-platform compatible, in other words making the MtrackFleet system usable (all features) on any smart device and PC platforms using the same intuitive interface across all.

The new UI is available immediately and is accessible on http://fleetmobile.mtrack.co.za. Existing MtrackFleet users can login to the new UI by using their current usernames and passwords. All functionality available on the old UI is available on the new UI, and more. Click here to download a quick start guide showing you the basics.

The official launch date for the new MtrackFleet UI is the 1st of November 2020, and from this date onwards all existing MtrackFleet URL links used by our customers will automatically be redirected / pointed to the new UI.