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Mtrack AGRI

Technology designed with Farmers in mind

Monitor and control critical crop management functions in high resolution such as spraying or dusting. Ensure that spray operators are spraying every row and not missing rows in order to save time.

Whilst the solution boasts a wide array of functionalities, the primary benefit here is the ability to monitor and control critical crop management functions in high resolution such as spraying or dusting for example. It is difficult to ensure that spray operators are spraying every row and not missing rows in order to save time.

If you are spraying an insect at a particular stage of development, there’s no “coming back later” to get that generation – if you missed it by doing half a job, your window has closed. If it’s a protective fungicide that offers no kick-back, then once the disease has infected tissue, the damage is done.

A sprayer operator might skip rows successfully for years before conditions conspire to defeat the application: unfavorable wind, poor timing, increased pest pressure, poor pruning practices, excessive ground speed, high temperatures, low humidity, insufficient spray volume, and several other factors might occur simultaneously and reduce coverage below a minimal threshold for control. This convergence of bad luck may not happen the first year, or the second, but eventually.

Now with Mtrack AGRI, the farmer is able to check that every row has been treated at the correct speed (and therefore correct dosage) in real time and historically.

What does the Mtrack AGRI Solution Offer?

    • For the first-time farmers can have an affordable, real-time solution to monitor and control movable assets, operators and vehicles.
    • Improve your operational efficiencies and increase your bottom line.
    • Maximize the value of every hectare.
    • Crop Coverage Management
    • Speed Reporting, Monitoring and Live Notifications
    • Field and Zone Reports
    • Dashboards 
    • Live Movement Monitoring and Notifications
    • Automated / Scheduled Reports

How can Mtrack FLEET assist?

Mtrack FLEET is ideally suited for the farm owner/manager who needs a real-time solution to control movable assets, operators and vehicles.

    • You know where all of your farming equipment and operators are located, and how they are being used. Identify idle items and reduce wasted time.
    • You will also know if farming equipment is being moved without permission
    • Reduce theft
    • Real Time Vehicle Data – location, ignition/engine on/off, trip data, speeding, odometer, trip distance, engine hours, temperature sensor probe, maintenance (service intervals etc.)
    • Driver Management – driver identification, vehicle immobilisation until driver verified, driver scorecard, excessive idling, harsh braking, speeding. Minimize fuel and maintenance costs, maximise safety. Set a curfew on a vehicle or driver or both according to day of the week and time.
    • Zone Management – user-defined geofences, go/no go areas, identification of fields, refueling / loading points, depots, POI etc.
    • Reports – extensive bouquet of reports with user defined frequency and content.
    • Customisable Dashboards detailing relevant information giving you an overview of your operation at a glance.

Web Based

  • No software on PC’s, access data and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world
  • Reporting and mapping system that is completely web-based
  • The web-based offering ranks amongst the fastest and most intuitive
  • Maintenance, access and usage are absolutely effortless.

How can Tyre Protector assist

Tyre Protector, is a liquid (gel) puncture sealant that is injected into tubed / tubeless, pneumatic tyres that offers permanent guaranteed puncture protection for the life of the tyre.

    • Tyre Protector immediately seals punctures up to 10mm in size.
    • Prolongs the life time of tyres.
    • Tyre Protector works both in tubed and tubeless tyres.
    • Can be used on any vehicle, no shakes no wobbles.

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