A better way


Motor dealers face two on-going theft problems – theft from the showroom forecourt and theft of demonstration vehicles whilst on test drives.

Dealers would like to fit a tracking system into each of the demonstration vehicles and to the front row of those on the forecourt, but due to the high turnover of stock, they just cannot afford the installation and removal cost (and time) of conventional wired tracking systems.
Manufacturers need to track vehicles through the plant and whilst on the car-carrier en route to the dealers.






Other common issues include:

  • Difficult to locate vehicles within premises
  • Managing and tracking car carriers and individual vehicles on car carriers
  • Tracking vehicle deliveries
  • Managing driver behavior of sales reps, delivery drivers etc.
  • Customer service delivery

 Advantages of Mtrack Products in the Motor Industry

  • Protection of stock on the forecourt
  • Protection during test drives
  • Tracking and protection during vehicle deliveries (car carriers)












    How can MtrackWAR assist?

    • Traditional forms of security have largely failed (GPS tracking, wheel locks, alarm systems, etc) as they are easy to detect and disable.
    • MtrackWAR is the only self-powered, wireless device that enables tracking and recovery of vehicles and assets throughout the country, using a combination of GSM and RF technology.
    • MtrackWAR needs no installation, has no wires or aerials and therefore can be moved from vehicle to vehicle in a matter of seconds
    • No interference with vehicle wiring harnesses – no risk to vehicle warranties. If the vehicle battery is tampered with, MtrackWAR is unaffected.
    • MtrackWAR is more reliable than conventional systems as it can work both indoors and out, even in basements, with no need to see the GPS satellites in the sky above.
    • MtrackWAR also does not require other devices in order to report.
    • MtrackWAR can be installed covertly into virtually any asset requiring protection.
    • If a car is on a test drive and the sales person is ejected from the vehicle, the MtrackWAR can be activated by the control room and the vehicle can then be tracked and recovered.
    • Movement sensor capability.
    • Unpredictable behaviour to criminals.
    • Daily health checks.

    MtrackWAR is the most successful recovery device in the world. Our 15 year rolling average recovery rate is 96%!

    How can MtrackFleet assist?

    • MtrackFleet provides a real-time solution to control movable assets, drivers and vehicles.
    • Sales reps, drivers etc. can be monitored. Set a curfew on a vehicle or driver or both according to day of the week and time. Business/private trip recording with electronic log book.
    • Real Time Vehicle Data – location, ignition/engine on/off, trip data, speeding, odometer, trip distance, fuel management, water and oil pressures, engine hours, service notification, trip replays etc…
    • Driver Management – driver identification, driver scorecard, excessive idling, harsh braking, speeding, over-revving, tow alert, panic button etc. Minimize fuel and maintenance costs, maximise safety.
    • Zone Management – user-defined geofences, go/no go areas, identification of customers, fuel stations, depots, POI etc…
    • Accident detection and reconstruction.
    • Reports – extensive bouquet of reports with user defined frequency and content.

    How can MtrackTag assist?

    • MtrackTag is an intelligent Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) providing unique solutions to difficult logistical tracking of inventory or equipment.
    • Premises can be divided into zones – locate vehicles easily.
    • Trigger security alarm systems or send instant alerts if tag moves from its authorised location without authorisation.
    • Enables better audit and asset control – minimise theft and fraud, asset/equipment tracking. Vehicle and other inventory management.
    • Tags can be rewritten and re-used, significantly reducing their cost per use.
    • Tag readers can be fixed (in a building) or mobile (in a vehicle such as a car carrier)
    • Electronic “stocktaking” of items in an area.
    • Staff authentication, employee ID, access control, guard monitoring.
    • Customer Loyalty Programs – If sold cars are tagged, know as soon as client drives onto premises. Instant service/maintenance records, greet client by name.
    • Car carriers – know where carrier is and know when a car leaves the carrier, arrives at dealer/warehouse etc…
    • The transceiver is an MtrackFleet GPS tracking device. This enables geofencing of the tags reporting to the transceiver.

    Web Based

    • No software on PC’s, access data and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world.
    • Reporting and mapping system that is completely web-based
    • The web-based offering ranks amongst the fastest and most intuitive.
    • Maintenance, access and usage are absolutely effortless

    Single Control Room

    • Managed and monitored by a single 24 hour control room
    • National recovery infrastructure.
    • Reputable, proven track record.