Mtrack MDVR

Mobile Digital Video Recording technology

Mtrack MDVR

Without sight and sound, you’re only guessing at the truth

Mtrack MDVR Surveillance cameras keep tabs on behaviours that could be risky.

Mtrack MDVR or Mobile Digital Video Recording technology has been around for a while now and the benefits to having such a device can be seen far and wide.

Without sight and sound, you’re only guessing at the truth.



Minimize risk of accidents that currently exist, due to blind spots. Truck drivers have difficulty backing up vehicles due to low visibility. Our added cameras will greatly reduce your company’s accident rate. Captured video footage can also reduce litigation costs with irrefutable video proof of any incidents.

Camera views for trucks can be positioned in areas of interest. A front-facing positioned camera enables recording traffic conditions. A camera facing the driver ensures safe operations and device free driving. An interior camera surveys cargo throughout the vehicles entire route. Lastly, onscreen driver assisted rear facing or side cameras greatly help drivers to backup with the confidence of safety.


There are many benefits to these vehicle security cameras, the most important being the safety they offer drivers and the security they offer their fleet managers. Nothing is more important for fleets than safety. Drivers should be able to trust that while they are getting the job done, they will be protected. They should be able to drive confidently, knowing that if they happen to have an accident everything will be documented so that the blame will be fairly placed. Exception-based video is the most efficient and effective way to identify poor driving behaviour, easily communicating inappropriate driving behaviour and correcting this before it leads to a costly collision.

Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can enhance safety programs and gives you the ability to maintain the advantage needed to improve the overall safety of your fleet.


Surveillance cameras keep tabs on behaviours that could be risky. Based on the findings of the MDVR, fleet managers can provide instructions that can make drivers aware of their risky behaviours. After this instruction, drivers are given the chance to change their behaviour in order to better their driving skills and avoid accidents in the future.


Operators will drive better when they know they are being watched

Capture indisputable evidence of what happened in a collision–protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent claims fewer collisions mean fewer repairs, which tend to be extremely expensive. Collisions make insurance expensive as well, while fewer collisions lower the cost of insurance. Indisputable video evidence of accidents (perfect for court or insurance purposes) avoid false claims against your operators, preventing accidents and protecting your reputation

Camera inspections can also make drivers aware of ways they are wasting fuel, so when they change their habits after being made aware of this fact, they are able to conserve fuel. Driving habits overall can be improved, which enhances both productivity and efficiency.


Our typical system comprises:

  • 1 x MDVR 3G + 4G + Wi-Fi + GPS kit
  • 1 x Camera in Cab front and rear
  • 2 x HD Infrared External Cameras
  • 1 x 1 terabyte hard drive
  • 1 X Sim card with 2 GB data
  • Full Cabling, Full Installation

Eliminate the need to manually pull hard drives and SD cards. You can download recorded footage over WIFI as soon as the vehicle comes into your WIFI Zone.