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The total value of construction equipment stolen annually is increasing rapidly. Access to equipment by a significant number of different employees make these types of vehicles easy targets.
The total value of construction equipment stolen annually is increasing rapidly. Poor security, easy access to open cabs, access to equipment by a significant number of different employees, construction equipment like bobcats and backhoes that cannot be locked (or use universal keys), serial numbers that are often worn off and hard to read, and the nature of the used-equipment market make these types of vehicles easy targets.

Generally, equipment is not registered in the same way that cars and trucks are registered. This lack of title makes identifying ownership more difficult.

The increased costs of stolen construction equipment include:

  • Equipment replacement
  • Lost productivity
  • Project delays while equipment is replaced
  • Higher insurance premiums and excesses
  • Time and expense of criminal investigations and prosecutions

It is estimated that only 10 to 15% of stolen equipment is ever recovered. This alarming figure is the result of many contributing factors, but the lack of effective tracking products is a key factor.

Plant, machinery, equipment and vehicles are generally stolen by highly organised gangs who know how tracking devices are fitted. The first thing that a thief looks for is an aerial or a connection from the battery power supply. If they find this they will have the system disabled within minutes. In this way, a major asset can disappear in minutes despite a “tracking device” being installed.

Staffing construction sites with 24/7 security is a more reliable option for preventing theft; however, it is costly and with construction sites often encompassing large areas in remote areas, on-site security is far from fool-proof.

Machinery is also often used illegally at night by “sub hirers”.


The level of theft in plant hire particularly is endemic. The hire company passes on the risk to the client, but with theft rates as they are, the client often cannot afford to insure. If the client suffers losses he may not hire again or will look to hire less. If the client is less than honest, he may disappear with the asset totally.

Whichever way, the Hire Company is hit hard. Not only does theft cost money, it can lose the company its customers, which in turn costs more money. In short a circle of financial pain!

Advantages of Mtrack Products in the Plant and Construction Industry

  • Protection and recovery of plant and equipment against theft
  • Recovery of equipment when clients default on payment
  • Driver and vehicle management



How can MtrackWAR assist?

MtrackWAR is a unique intelligent technology to locate and recover stolen assets – construction plant, equipment, trucks and their loads, cars – virtually any valuable moveable asset.
There are currently many GPS tracking based systems being sold to the construction industry. However, as they require significant power, these are hard wired and the wiring is easy to trace, enabling the device to be quickly found and deactivated.

  • MtrackWAR is the ideal security device for this market as it is self-powered, needs no wiring for antennas or power, works both indoors and out and can be hidden inside the framework or chassis of the machine to be protected within minutes. Because of this, the only way a thief can find MtrackWAR, is to totally strip down the piece of plant or machinery, as it could be hidden literally anywhere.
  • MtrackWAR is more reliable than conventional systems as it can work both indoors and out, even in basements, with no need to see the GPS satellites in the sky above. Unlike GPS tracking systems, MtrackWAR will continue working even if the machinery is stolen and placed inside a close-sided vehicle or in a garage or underground basement by the thieves
  • Fully portable solution that can be moved from asset to asset, without the need for costly de and re-installation.
  • No wires for thieves to track and trace back to the battery.
  • No interference with vehicle wiring harnesses – no risk to vehicle warranties.
  • If the vehicle battery is tampered with, MtrackWAR is unaffected.
  • Inbuilt motion sensors alert you when the asset is illegally moved.
  • Reduce theft and night time “sub hirers”
  • MtrackWAR has an added benefit of giving the hirer confidence that if payments are missed or the equipment is stolen, you will be able to get it back.
  • Exceptional battery life – embed and forget
  • Daily health checks.

MtrackWAR is the most successful recovery device in the world. Our 15 year rolling average recovery rate is 96%!

How can MtrackFleet assist?

MtrackFleet is ideally suited for the fleet owner/manager who needs a real-time solution to control movable assets, drivers and vehicles.

  • You know where all of your construction equipment and operators are located, and how they are being used. Identify idle items and reduce wasted time.
  • You will also know if construction site equipment is being moved without permission
  • Track valuable assets (generators, mixers, trailers, skid steers, water wagons, compactors etc.)
  • Reduce theft
  • Real Time Vehicle Data – location, ignition/engine on/off, trip data, speeding, odometer, trip distance, fuel management, water and oil pressures, engine hours, Engine temperature service notification, temperature sensor probe, maintenance (service intervals etc.)
  • Driver Management – driver identification, vehicle immobilisation until driver verified, driver scorecard, excessive idling, harsh braking, speeding, over-revving, audible alarm in cab, tow alert. Minimize fuel and maintenance costs, maximise safety, panic button. Set a curfew on a vehicle or driver or both according to day of the week and time. Trip replay, end-to-end control over consignments, business / private trip recording (electronic log book), legislation – driver resting periods, max drive time etc. can all be monitored and enforced
  • Zone Management – user-defined geofences, go/no go areas, identification of customers, fuel stations, depots, POI etc.
  • Accident detection and reconstruction
  • Route monitoring and planning
  • Reports – extensive bouquet of reports with user defined frequency and content.

How can MtrackTag assist?

MtrackTag is an intelligent small Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)
MtrackTag can be attached to any asset and read remotely to ascertain its identity, position or state.

  • MtrackTag does not need line-of-sight to operate, meaning that it can be hidden inside the asset that is to be identified and still be read. This offers electronic “stocktaking” of items in an area and security for moveable, high value assets.
  • MtrackTag can detect proximity, movement and temperature.
  • By pairing the asset to its owner and/or a location, the tag can trigger security alarm systems or send instant alerts if removed from its authorised location without its owner.
  • Many tags can be read together at once. It is not necessary to present each tag to the reader separately (as is required for barcodes).
  • The transceiver is an MtrackFleet GPS tracking device. This enables geofencing of the tags reporting to the transceiver.
  • Tags can be re-written and re-used, significantly reducing their cost per use.
  • Staff authentication, security and access control, guard monitoring

Web Based

  • No software on PC’s, access data and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world
  • Reporting and mapping system that is completely web-based
  • The web-based offering ranks amongst the fastest and most intuitive
  • Maintenance, access and usage are absolutely effortless.

Single Control Room

  • Managed and monitored by a single 24 hour control room
  • National recovery infrastructure.
  • Reputable, proven track record.