Motor vehicle importer


The client imports vehicles for resale into neighboring countries.


A client called the control room to report that one of its new Toyota Coaster buses had been hijacked in Durban. Making the recovery more difficult was the fact that the vehicle still had temporary number plates on it. Both the client and the control room assumed that they had already been removed.

Making its way through heavy traffic, a recovery team was dispatched to the area. In the suburb, an intermittent signal was received, but not good enough to make a recovery. The criminals had clearly found what they thought was a safe location to wait for a while.

One of the major advantages of Mtrack then came into play!

Because Mtrack is so difficult to locate, the recovery teams have far more time to work with than conventional wired systems. Together with the client, it was decided that they would wait for the criminals to make their next move.

Mtrack was then remotely configured to switch to a movement sensor. This would alert the control room as soon as the vehicle moved again.

Sure enough, 3 hours later, the control room received a movement alarm from the device. The recovery team was able to track the vehicle for the next hour and a half. Eventually the vehicle was stopped and hidden at a house where the recovery team recovered the bus and returned it to the relieved client.


R 320, 000.00