Various cellphone retailers

Up to and including 6 Sept 2012


We currently protect a number of MTN cell phone stores with our Mtrack wireless asset recovery device. Cellphone Dealers are being heavily targeted for armed robberies. Cell phones are high value, relatively small assets which are easily and quickly disposed of.

There is no doubt that there are some large syndicates operating in this industry as it is so lucrative and poorly protected.

The results that we have achieved to date are undeniably world-class. Some are listed below:

6 Sept 2012           Dealer A

3 Sept 2012           Dealer B

29 June 2012          Dealer B

25 June 2012          Dealer B

02 May 2012           Dealer C

14 Feb 2012           Dealer C

08 Nov 2011           Dealer B

27 Oct 2011            Dealer C

16 Aug 2011           Dealer B

26 Jan 2011            Dealer B

24 Jan 2011            Dealer B

21 Oct 2010            Dealer B

26 May 2008           Cell C (This recovery alone was worth approximately 8 million Rand).

This represents a 100% successful recovery rate! In addition, in 65% of these cases so far we have made arrests. By making the arrests that we do we are assisting to break these syndicates. However, as long as we do not have the support of all Dealers, we will never have sufficient coverage in order to make significant inroads into these syndicates.