The client phoned the control room to report that they called one of their drivers and a stranger answered the phone. The phone then went dead and they could not get hold of the driver. Because of this, they believed that the vehicle had been hijacked.

The client reported that the vehicle also had a competitor tracking system installed and that the position from that tracking system indicated that the truck was near the Botswana border. The police drove up and down the road in the given position with no success. The Botswana border post was also alerted.

It was then discovered that the driver had been thrown out the vehicle close to Koster and near a chicken farm. The farmer took the driver to the Koster SAPS where the client met him. The competitor tracking system then stopped reporting as it had been disabled. That was when Mtrack took over.

The vehicle continued to travel towards Johannesburg with the ETS recovery team and flying squad in pursuit. Eventually with the vehicle travelling on the N3, the pursuit teams had to wait for the right opportunity to pull the vehicle over.

The vehicle was pulled over on the highway. There were shots fired and fortunately none of the recovery personnel were injured. The suspects managed to flee the scene.

The vehicle was taken to the Diepkloof SAPS where the client was able to recover the vehicle. The load was still intact.

R 350,000