Logistics Company


At 09:05 the client contacted our control room to say that a truck trailer combination had been hijacked and requested that agents be dispatched to recover the vehicle. 2 minutes later the agents had been mobilized.

At 09:10 the client reported that the horse has been recovered in City Deep minus the trailer. The agents however were on the trail of the Mtrack wireless unit in the trailer.

At 09:50 the agents reported that they were at the trailer. The cargo was all intact on the trailer, but the trailer was hooked onto a different, unknown horse. The entire recovery had taken 45 minutes.

The agents later reported that the SAPS had arrived on the scene and had ascertained that the horse had false number plates.

At 11:10 the agents reported that they had handed the scene over to the client along with the SAPS and were returning to base.

 This case study highlights the benefit of the Mtrack wireless asset recovery unit. As this unit is installed on the trailer or in the cargo and is wireless, thieves have no way to trace any wires in order to find and destroy the unit, meaning that the cargo is recoverable even if the MtrackFleet unit is destroyed or disabled, or if the trailer is unhooked from the horse and pulled away by a clean horse.



R 500, 000