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At 06:05am on 25th October 2014 the Mtrack Control Room received a Power Lost alarm on a client’s rented Solar panel. The unit started moving towards Eersterivier.

The client was informed and reported that it must be stolen because it should not have been moving. A recovery team was immediately mobilized.

The unit moved towards Khayelitsha where it became stationary.

When the agents got to the area they informed their police contacts of the situation and waited for back-up.

At 06:55 the agents reported that they had recovered 3 Solar Panels in a bakkie. They also arrested 2 suspects.

The Recovery took all of 40 minutes from first alarm to final asset recovery and arrests.

This case study demonstrates the versatility of Mtrack being able to be embedded in a wide variety of mobile assets.


Solar Panels – R 300, 000. 2 arrests – priceless!