Member of Mtrack’s staff


It’s not often that AFTER a robbery someone ends up with twice the assets they had before the theft!

An Mtrack staff member and his family was asleep at his home. Thieves broke in and went to his study, stealing both his and his wife’s laptops and documents with cash attached for delivery the following day.

At 4am that morning, the staff member was awoken by an emergency call from the control room about a hijack in progress at a client. When he went to his study in order to check the location on the internet, he discovered the theft.

As luck would have it, he remembered that he had a client’s Mtrack units in his laptop bag which he was going to drop off on his way to work. He immediately instructed the control room to activate the unit.

When the device went live, both he and a member of the recovery team tracked the signal to a nearby dump site where they found 2 laptops.

Feeling extremely pleased with themselves, they were on their way home when he realised that the second laptop was not in fact his wife’s, but someone else’s! They immediately returned to the site where they found 2 more laptops (including his wife’s), as well as the documents and cash which had been stowed there.


4 for the price of 2 – priceless!