Distributor of pharmaceuticals


The client called at 16h00 and asked Mtrack to dispatch a recovery team as his vehicle was not where it supposed to be and the driver’s phone was off.

He also advised that the vehicle is carrying a load of Pharmaceutical products.

At 17h10 the client called to advise that the hijackers had just released the driver. Apparently the driver was hijacked at 11:30 – some 4½ hours earlier!

The agents called in to say that they had an RF signal and needed the case number from the client. The client advised that the driver was obtaining a case number.

The driver was also able to provide a description of the suspects. They were two black males wearing blue overalls. They drove the driver to a house where they were joined by another three black males.

The agents advised that the unit had been recovered with the pharmaceuticals and a blue cooler box. Two suspects were apprehended at the scene.

This highlights the power of the Mtrack unit to still be able to recover many hours after the incident.


Approximately R 500,000 in cargo was recovered.