Major Motor Manufacturer


A staff vehicle was hijacked in Durban Central, KZN. The 26 year old female driver was also raped by the suspect.

A recovery team was dispatched immediately with the instruction that when they find the vehicle they must keep observation on it as they want to arrest the suspects.

The team reported a strong signal from an underground parkade. At 23:45 the Mtrack unit was set to motion sensor so that it would give an alarm when the suspects returned and the recovery team stood down.

After some time the client wanted to retrieve his vehicle, but Mtrack managed to convince him to be patient.

The following day at 20.15 the system reported a movement alarm and the agents were again dispatched. The SAPS were also on their way. The vehicle moved on the N3, towards Pietermaritzburg and ended up near Glen Anil.

At 21:55 the agents reported that they found the vehicle parked in a garage and there were two women in the house who didn’t know who the car belonged to. The agents got the women to contact the suspect and get him back to the house.

At 22:30 the suspect arrived at the vehicle and the SAPS arrested him. They also reported that the suspect matched the description the Plaintiff gave the SAPS.


R 200,000 and a rapist off the streets.