Major Motor Dealer


We received a call from the client who reported that one of their new vehicles had been stolen from a supplier who was installing a bakkie lining in Alberton. Our control room immediately placed the unit into alarm and a few minutes later the unit started reporting from Rosebank. Agents were immediately dispatched.

While the agents were on their way to the scene our control room is able to give them further details about the vehicle – location of the device, engine number, chassis number etc. Our control room was also able to give them more information about the suspects: 1 white male driver, 3 black male passengers, all armed.

When the agents got to the area they reported that there were a lot of underground parking lots in the area, many of which were private parking area’s belonging to companies which required an access card to enter.

After a further search the agents reported that they had picked up a signal near the Holiday Inn parking lot.

Shortly thereafter the agents reported that they were at the vehicle. The vehicle was locked and was parked in a basement nearby The Zone @ Rosebank.

The agents reported that they had arranged with the management of the shopping centre to get the CCTV footage and give it to the SAPS for further investigation.

The client arrived at the vehicle along with spare keys, and the agents handed the vehicle over to the SAPS.


R 450,000