Transport subcontractor for major liquor company


A truck carrying liquor was hijacked near Kliprivier on the Thursday night.

Electronic tracking devices led police to Olifantsfontein, where the hijacked truck was found. The trailer and its load of bottled drinks and draft kegs were however, missing.

Typically, this is the best result most victims could hope for – they may recover their vehicle but the cargo will be forever lost.

However, the suspects had obviously not realised that the goods on the trailer were also electronically monitored by Mtrack. The tracking device enabled the recovery team and SAPS from the North Rand to trace the hijacked trailer and cargo to a nearby warehouse.

During the search of the premises police came across another hijacked truck as well as vehicle tyres, a refrigerator and several other items believed to have been stolen.


The recovered goods totalled more than R 3,000,000.