Businessman, Durban


On 21 August 2004, Mr X left home to deliver a tender in Empangeni. As he parked his Mercedes Benz in the underground parking, he was approached by four armed men who forced him into the back of his vehicle. He was driven to a sugar cane field where he was put in the boot of his car. After stalling the vehicle, the kidnappers abandoned the vehicle and Mr X was put into the boot of another car.

Later that afternoon Mr X was taken to an open construction site where he was made to phone his wife and then his business partner demanding R1.5 million in ransom. On Sunday the ransom demand was made again, but all the banks were closed.

On Monday, a task team from Serious and Violent Crime was established. Later that day the kidnappers called again and the call was traced. An Mtrack device was attached to the suspect’s vehicle, and an hour an a half later the suspect was tracked and arrested.

Subsequently, another 4 suspects were arrested and told the police where the victim was being held.

Mr X was then rescued and the police arrested another 2 suspects and recovered a 9mm pistol.


The client was returned home safely.