Logistics Company


At 21:55 the Mtrack control room received a tip off from one of our informants that a suspicious vehicle was in the process of being sold. The informant was able to give sufficient detail for us to identify the client whose vehicle it was.

The control room contacted the client to determine if any of their vehicles were missing. The client reported that the one of their vehicles was in the workshop and that the vehicle was supposed to be delivered to their depot in Wadesville. It was then determined that the vehicle had in fact been stolen from the workshop.

According to the informant the vehicle was stationary in Vosloosrus. Agents were immediately dispatched to the area.

At 22:14 the agents reported that they were at the vehicle. They searched the area but could find no suspects.

The vehicle was handed back to a very relieved client.

This example demonstrates the importance that the Mtrack network has in solving crimes against our clients.


R 230,000