Grant, Durban – private individual


Despite having a sophisticated home alarm system, the client had experienced 6 previous break-ins, with the thieves targeting his electronic equipment. The client purchased an Mtrack and hid it inside his amplifier. The device was configured to activate on deliberate motion.


Only 3 days later his home security system was again bypassed. At 02:50 am the Mtrack device’s movement sensor was activated. The client was contacted and at 02:55 the ITA recovery team was dispatched.

After tracking the device for an hour and a half, the device appeared to be stationary and was reporting from the Cato squatter camp. As this is a high risk area, the SAPS was contacted to assist.

At 04:31 the police arrived. At 04:50 the team reported that they had recovered all of the goods from an empty shack used to smoke dagga. No arrests were made.


All of the client’s equipment and goods including a DVD player and Playstation 2 were recovered.