Supplier of Notebook computers


On the 6th of December 2013 at 17:10, the client requested that one of their Mtrack units be placed into alarm.  The client earlier that day had put the Mtrack unit into a Notebook box which had then been stolen.

At 17:13 the recovery team was on their way to Roodepoort. At 17:29 it seemed that the unit has stopped updating.  The battery was quite low on the unit and the recovery team thought that the suspects may have found the unit and destroyed it.

At 18:10 a weak beacon was received.  Only 17 minutes later at 18:27 they reported that they recovered the unit at a house in Eldorado Park.

The house owner claimed that a friend of her daughter brought the box there and requested that they keep it as she will fetch it later.  At 18:34 the team stood down.