Cellphone retail store



At 12:15 the control room received a Movement alarm from a cellphone retailer in Cape Town.

The client confirmed that their shop had been robbed by 4 armed men. No one saw the escape vehicle. The client requested that a recovery team be dispatched.

At 12:49 the control room had a position on the unit near Khayelitsha.

At 13:07 the agents reported that they were in the area. They also reported that they informed the SAPS and were waiting for them to arrive.

13:29 the unit had stopped moving and agents were searching for the unit.

At 13:53 the agents reported they had recovered the stock and also arrested 5 people who looked very surprised to see them! They still don’t know to this day how they were caught!

Around 93 Cell phones were recovered.


+R 300,000, but the 5 arrests dealt a severe blow to the syndicate!