Cellphone Retailer


February 2014. The Mtrack control room received a call from the client to say one of their stores had been robbed.

There were 5 armed suspects (neatly dressed) that fled the scene in a Silver BMW X5, taking stock to the value of about R150,000.

The control room mobilized the agents and contacted all SAPS contacts, informing them of the suspects’ details and getaway vehicle information.

The Mtrack unit went into alarm and reported from the Doornfontein area.

The agents arrived in the area and immediately picked up the RF beacon. They tracked the device to a block of flats.

An hur after the incident they reported that they had recovered the unit and the stock, including a suitcase with cellphones and tablets in.

The SAPS took the stock to the Jeppe SAPS and the client met them there to identify the stock. The agents then handed over to the SAPS and the client and stood down.


R 150,000