Fuel Transport Company


The Client called and requested a recovery team to be dispatched as they could not get hold of one of their drivers.

The recovery team was already close to the signal and started with the search. Minutes later the team recovered the tanker attached to the truck.

The customer then phoned and informed Mtrack that another two of their tankers had also been hijacked virtually simultaneously!

Recovery teams were sent out immediately.

Shortly thereafter the teams reported that they had recovered the horses and both tankers with the diesel. The drivers stopped there and started selling the cargo. The thieves were busy pumping the diesel from one tanker to another. They arrested two suspects and the drivers of the vehicles ran away into the nearby township. It was known for fuel company’s drivers to go there and sell their cargo and then go to the SAPS and say that they were hijacked!

Two arrests were made on the scene. All of the tankers and horses were recovered along with two get-away vehicles.


Estimated value of the recovery was R 2,840,000.