Frequently asked questions

What is OBDII?

How would I know if my vehicle is OBDII compliant?

Does MtrackScout require a SIM card to work?

Does my SIM card need to be activated for voice?

Why is my MtrackScout unit not updating anymore?

Does MtrackScout report live?

Why are my reports not being emailed to me anymore?

Why is MtrackScout BEEPING when I turn on my ignition?

Why can I not login to the MtrackScout web system?

Why am I seeing flashing lights on the MtrackScout unit while I am driving?

How do I buy the MtrackScout?

How do the monthly subscription payments work?

How do I view / track my assets?

Which Mtrack unit is best for asset recovery purposes?

Do you have a smaller wireless tracking device?

How long does the battery last on the wireless Mtrack3 device?

Is there an Mtrack3 unit with a rechargeable battery?

Does Mtrack offer onsite installation and maintenance services?

How long does an installation take?

Can I access the tracking system from my mobile phone / device?

Do I have to purchase software with the Mtrack devices?

Who does recoveries in the event of an emergency?

Do I pay for the recovery service?

What is Mtrack’s footprint in South Africa?

Do I get a rebate or discount from my insurance if Mtrack is installed?

How will I know the battery’s status on my wireless unit?

Can I change the battery myself on the wireless Mtrack3?