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Transporter of hospital equipment Event The control room received a system alarm on a horse and trailer.  We called the client and learned that the vehicle had been stolen out of the yard.  The client reported that the cargo was hospital equipment. The vehicle kept...

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Major manufacturer/distributor of chemical products Event The client had two vehicles hijacked at the same time. At 18:25 the control room was notified that two of the client’s vehicles were hijacked and that one was fitted with an MtrackPro GPS unit. The unit was...

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Transporter Event The client called and requested a recovery team to be dispatched as one of their vehicles had been hijacked. Three armed suspects posed as police officers and pulled over the driver and hijacked him of the horse and trailer loaded with cargo, unaware...

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Motor Dealer Principal Event 17 September 2014 At 8.20pm a client who is a Motor Dealer in Durban called the Control Room to report that his bag containing personal items, documents and – fortuitously - an Mtrack unit, had been stolen from his place of work. The unit...

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Member of Mtrack’s staff Event It’s not often that AFTER a robbery someone ends up with twice the assets they had before the theft! An Mtrack staff member and his family was asleep at his home. Thieves broke in and went to his study, stealing both his and his wife’s...

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Wireless Internet Provider Event At 06:05am on 25th October 2014 the Mtrack Control Room received a Power Lost alarm on a client’s rented Solar panel. The unit started moving towards Eersterivier. The client was informed and reported that it must be stolen because it...

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