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MtrackWAR Launches July 2017 - June 2017

MtrackWAR stands for Mtrack Wireless Asset Recovery. It also represents the war that we are waging (and winning) against criminals targeting our clients.

Following on from the success of Mtrack, MtrackPro and Mtrack3 – with the world’s best recovery rate of 97% over the last 9 years – we have great pleasure in announcing our latest hardware platform, the MtrackWAR which represents the next level of technology in wireless asset tracking and recovery!

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Mtrack Newsletter - February 2016

Mtrack had another fantastic recovery this month (detailed in the full newsletter download link below). Cigarettes is always a very difficult industry as the syndicates are extremely well organized and funded. In this case Mtrack was the only product to beat the hijacker’s signal jammers.

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Skills on Site Article - June/July 2015

The loss of heavy construction and plant equipment such as backhoes and bobcats due to theft is increasing. Find out more

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Mtrack Newsletter - March 2015

Hi everyone
It’s nearly the end of March already, it’s hard to believe!

As you are no doubt well aware, crime continues to be the scourge of the economy. Criminals are becoming more brazen in their approach, and I strongly urge you to keep your subscriptions current, to heed your weekly unit state reports and to keep those batteries charged....

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Mtrack Newsletter - Jan 2015

Welcome back everyone. I trust that you had a good break and that we are all rearing to go!

With all that is going on in South Africa, it is as well to remind ourselves again of the importance of being “Inner Directed”- create our own future regardless of what is going on around us. Let’s not allow the things that are going on around us pull us down and make us negative.

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Mtrack Newsletter - Nov 2014

Mtrack has released its first newsletter which will be distributed to all our clients and distributors regularly. The purpose of the news letter is to keep everyone up to date as to new developments within the asset tracking and recovery industry and then also within Mtrack itself.

Download Newsletter in PDF format - Nov 2014 Edition

FOCUS On Transport and Logistics - 1 Nov 2014

The relentless pace of technological advancement has meant that modern-day telematics is an absolute necessity for effective fleet management. GAVIN MYERS explores...

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Leaders in Asset Recovery

Mtrack was founded in Norway in 1998, and established a footprint in South Africa in 2003. Ten years ago the Norwegians sold the major stake to local partners, so cementing Mtrack’s local roots.

The company has become the leader in the field of asset tracking and recovery, providing first-class products and a complete tracking and recovery service for their clients.

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Mtrack appoints Tshepo Dibe as director

Mtrack has announced that Tshepo Dibe has joined the company as a shareholder and director of new business development. Dibe was educated at The University of Pretoria, where he obtained a BSc in Information Technology.

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DIY consumer fleet management solution

South African vehicle and asset tracking company Mtrack is launching a new consumer-focused vehicle tracking and management solution. Called Mtrack Scout, this is the first off-the-shelf, plug-and-play tracking solution available in South Africa, designed specifically for the cost-conscious consumer and small business markets.

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When location tracking isn’t enough

Tracking goods and assets in transit has become common practice for many companies with various options available for those looking for a geographic tracking solution. An area very few companies cover is tracking goods in transit as well as when in storage, while being able to obtain real-time information on the status of the products.

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Mtrack3 Launched Worldwide

Mtrack3 Overview
SAETS is proud to announce the global launch of our new Mtrack3 wireless asset tracking and recovery unit.

Mtrack is our asset tracking and recovery hardware core. Today, the Mtrack hardware is a well-proven technology that has been continuously updated and further developed over the last 10 years. With this is mind we have launched our latest hardware platform, the Mtrack3.

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